My Style Right Now

With thanks to Elle Australia for this idea – a wee self-interview on personal style

What’s your first memory of fashion?

This is tough, because I have a notoriously terrible long term memory.  I remember my Mum making me a Cinderella costume, which had loops of sequins on the hem.  I was fascinated with the way the sequins were all together like a ribbon.  I also remember making exceptionally crap dolls’ clothes (there may have been a stapler involved…) and I remember Mum pinning things while I stood on the dining table (and trying to get the dress etc off without the pins scratching!).  I have strong memories of my Nana’s amazing swimming caps and her outfits from her beach house.  It’s more of a general impression of fashion than a particular memory. 


Do you have a uniform?

I think if this blog evidences anything, it’s that my style does not follow a uniform look!  I would say there’s a vibe (sorry) that goes with my style instead.  I like to wear something that I think is interesting, but I don’t want to be Full Quirky (I do not need to look like Zooey Deschanel.  I would like to emanate zero Manic Pixie Dream Girl *vibes* (sorry)).  This week that’s included a bright green silk dress with cranes on it, and a long pleated chiffon skirt covered in differently coloured chrysanthemums.  I love colour, and a pair of awesome shoes. 

Whose style do you love?

My all time style hero is Yasmin Sewell.  Is it the curly ‘do?  Dunno, all I know is that I’ve pinned so many pictures of her that my Pinterest home page is wall to wall Yasmin.  I also enjoy a bit of Leandra Medine, and  Lyn Slater’s blog, Accidental Icon, is part of the original inspiration for Mode & Methodology. 


Does your style change?

Absolutely.  It’s changed over time, thankfully, but it also shifts between seasons (I am interested in fashion so I do tend to reflect trends).  I’m also vulnerable to reflecting the people I’m around and my environment, so I have to be careful when I’m away not to forget what I dress like at home – otherwise I run the real risk of buying things that really don’t work once I’m back in Wellington.

Also, because I’m aware of enclothed cognition, I tend to change my style on purpose to change how I feel and how others perceive me.  When I first started my current job I made a conscious effort to dress like I had my shit together (I did not – I was literally Googling stuff in those first weeks).  Nowadays I’ve obviously relaxed a bit, but I’m still aware not only of how others perceive me, but of how my subconscious perception of myself is affected by how I dress.


What’s front of mind for you in terms of style right now?

I’m trying to focus on buying things I think are really wearable, instead of things I think are amazing (but which might be more difficult to style, or have limited opportunities).  My wardrobe is at peak pizzazz right now, so it’s time to focus more on basics and block colours! 

Is there anything you won’t buy/wear?

I’m self-banned from bomber jackets (two is enough), anything embroidered and anything striped.  Also, I have enough tshirts and denim for the entire summer/every summer for the rest of my life.  Last week I wore a pair of jeans I bought 15 years ago.  The situation is very real.

On a different note, I do not understand the cold shoulder trend.  I just Do. Not. Get. It.  I like it on other people, I’ve tried it on, but it’s not a goer for me.  I’m also *shrug* about off shoulder stuff – I wouldn’t wear it to work and it’s hot for about four days a year here, so that’s a hard pass.


What’s on the wishlist?

I have a literal list on my phone, which I add things to and delete them from.  It’s a ruthless contest for first place.  Also, it’s handy for calming me down when I’m in the mood for an impulse splurge – my wishlist tends to run spendy so it helps me to refocus, close the internet browser, and go back to figuring out how to siphon more money into my frivolous things account.

I promised myself a Deadly Ponies Mr Boxette bag as a treat this year, so that’s up there for purchase before Christmas.  Still prevaricating on colour.

I badly wish I had bought the red vintage leather jacket I saw in Dunedin last weekend. REGRET.  In general, I would like a red leather jacket.  

I want some white, wide legged jeans.  You think this sounds awful but you are not correct.  I have not found them in NZ yet. 

THIS DRESS (if I say it often enough will the universe hear me)

If this coat from Kate Sylvester goes on sale, I will buy it *shakes fist to heavens*


Best purchase ever?

That has to be my black Evermore jacket from Blak Luxe.  A+ and just gets better with every wear.  (I know I go on about this, and I'm not sponsored etc - bought it with my own money - I just love it a lot).

Probably shouldn’t have bought it but here we are?

My gold leather-look blazer from World.  I still love it so much, and I got it on sale with part of an annual leave under-payment windfall so no biggie financially, but man.  It’s a gold leather-look blazer. The cost per wear reduction is gonna take a long time on that one.


So, that's it folks.  Nothing weirder than interviewing yourself, that's for sure.  Now, help me fill out my paltry wishlist in the comments below! 


Tshirt is a standard job from AS Colour, they are my go-to for plain tshirts now.  Pants are vintage (?) Moschino from lovely Deb at Madison Rose in Kelburn.  Pop up and say hi to her, Wellington folk!  Shoes are from the Miss Crabb/Mi Piaci collab, they don't have this style anymore but they have another style that I am DIGGING.  Denim jacket an Asos buy, similar here.  Layered necklace from Max a long time ago...  Sunglasses from Sunglass Style.