Re-styling Existing Clothes | Style Changes

Re-styling Existing Clothes | Style Changes

I’ve written just shy of 200 blog posts since I started Mode & Methodology in September 2016, which I find fairly incredible considering that a blog post might be as much as 1,000 words – all about fashion and style.  I’ve literally written hundreds of thousands of words.  I’ve written two deeply average novels about fashion and style.  Yeesh. 


However, the point of what I’m saying, is that this means I’ve posted over a hundred outfits on the blog (very conservative estimate) without doubling up.  Keep in mind that I also wear outfits that aren’t featured on the blog, and no, I’m not wearing a potato sack uniform on the non-blog photo days (OOTD photos end up on Insta Stories a couple of times a week).  Thinking about all of this made me realise – dressing up every day, like I do, means you have to reuse existing wardrobe items in new outfits while your style is continuing to evolve.  No wonder I sometimes can’t decide what to wear.


So, for funsies, I decided to go waaaaay back to the beginning of the blog and wear something from an early blog post all over again.  This tulle skirt appeared in my third blog post (published on 7 September 2016), which is amazingly short and wildly different in style from the posts that I now create.  Now I just say everything I think of aka I am my true, voluble self.  I also looked at my first and second posts and I still have all but one of the things I wore in those photos!  In fact, in a huge coincidence I wore these shoes today with a navy blue leather skirt and a striped ribbed knit.


I was inspired by ballerinas and movement in my outfit a year and a half ago, whereas this outfit sprung from textural contrasts between knit, tulle and velvet (and latterly sequins.  Would I wear the banana brooch with this again?  Maybe, maybe not).  This is definitely an autumn look, but it’s also less aggressively girly than my last go-round with this skirt on the blog.  I’m not that much older than I was in September 2016, but my appetite for risking looking like a fantasist, dressing in my six year old self’s dream outfit, is basically zero these days. 


You know the mural has been around for a while when the coffee is $2.00! 

I think there have been a few changes that have resulted in a different approach to this skirt this time around:

  • That shirt didn't fit quite right, and those shoes were always kinda uncomfortable (lace up shoes, not the friendliest for walking feeties).  I've become ruthless about clothes that don't make me feel good, so these items have been moved on and I've gotten better at spotting things that won't be winners out of the shop.
  • I had started op-shopping long before I started the blog, but I've refined and perfected my approach since then.  The jersey, skirt and shoes are all pre-loved here, whereas in my original post, both the shoes and the shirt were from chain stores.  
  • I have become a convert to crew necks.  At some point I just realised that they weren't lying when they said women with "fashion tits" look better in a crew neck than a scoop neck.  Although I wasn't wearing a scoop neck in my original post, my understanding of the shapes that suit me has generally grown.  
  • Finally, I've come to love a bit of colour contrast with pastels so if I was to wear pale pink, I'd be more likely to wear it with a higher contrast colour (like in this post).  My original outfit looks a bit blah.  I think the rise of maximalism has influenced me to wear more bold patterns, in particular. 

I'm pretty adaptive when it comes to fashion and style, because I like to play with clothes and I don't generally form sentimental attachments to clothing, so I think my personal style evolves relatively easily.   Looking back at those earlier posts, I can also see how unsure I was about what my approach to blogging would be (especially considering Serious Day Job), which obviously has now fallen away, allowing me to capture more interesting looks like these.  Stay tuned to see where we are in another 200 posts (that's a year away)!