Real Talk, Real Quick

Real Talk, Real Quick

I was going to call this post something like “Where is Mode & Methodology” and ask you to sing it in the manner of the Carmen Sandiego theme song.  But then I figured we all know where the blog is (here!) and what we’re really talking about is me explaining why it’s Thursday and there’s no blog posts so far this week.  Thus: real talk.

The real talk is: I’ve been working.  On Monday night I got home at 10pm and wrote half a blogpost before I ran out of steam entirely and started to fall asleep whilst sitting upright.  On Tuesday night I got home even later – I didn’t even open my laptop to work on the post.  Today’s Wednesday, and I committed to myself that I would leave work before 6 so that I could get across town and have dinner with some lovely friends I’ve seen once in 2017 (which is woeful).  I’m now writing a post at 10.47pm about why I couldn’t write a post this week.

I have a sign on my door to my apartment that I read each day that says: doing your best is a process of trying to do your best.  This week, as with every week, I’ve tried to do my best.  This week, as with nearly every week, I didn’t quite hit all the plans and goals I was aiming for.  But I’m trying. 

Most of the people I know, in fact probably ALL of the people I know, are in the same boat.  They’re trying hard.  High five to all of us, you guys, who have a series of conflicting priorities and do their damndest to keep all the plates spinning.  However, I, for one, am going to put down some of the plates this week.  That means no blog post this week, amongst other things.  I’m sure you understand.  And once I’ve had All The Sleep this weekend, I’ll be able to work on some of the million ideas buzzing around in my head and get some more blog posts out and about!

You might like to join me in putting down some plates, or you might just have to keep on spinning them all this week.  Either way…see you next week.