Something new, something blue

Something new, something blue

By now we all know that I will patiently wait for the things I want, fashion-wise, to come along in their own time – the exception to my extremely relaxing “now now now” personality.  This past weekend I made a wee stop at Recycle Boutique here in Wellington, and did my usual lap looking for key items on my list.  This time around, I finally found a black velvet blazer to replace the one I had about a decade ago, after trying on what felt like hundreds of slightly too matronly versions over the past few years.  In related news, I also have a pair of black velvet pants.  Essentially I own a black velvet suit, you guys, and the thought of it is majestic. 

More relevant to this post, I also found this belt – much coveted by me when it was released by Karen Walker a couple of years ago, but never purchased because it seemed a little too spendy for my fashion priorities at the time.  Nowadays I think belts are going to make a comeback, and the price was certainly right at $25 (major bargain compared to what it originally retailed for).  Other useful features include its adjustable design, which means I can wear it at my waist as pictured here, or drop it lower for a more bohemian look.   So really, I bought two belts for $12.50 each? Sure.

For some reason, after spending years very much on the fence about ankle boots, they now seem like the missing link in my wardrobe.  They just seem to be such an easy way to make an outfit sort of cool, and with the strange transitional weather this summer it has been handy to reach for a pair of ankle boots to wear in the rain.  I particularly love them with A-line or full skirts, or with skinny jeans, but I’m keen to try them with in more “fashion” ways, like with cropped pants or a pencil skirt and tshirt.  Also – with my dungarees.  Yes.  Is it wrong to be excited about cooler weather in February?

Not wrong, per se, but certainly unwise, when I consider the absence of holidays in my life so far this year.  I’m going on holiday in two weeks' time (Auckland and the Coromandel, please brace yourselves) and this dress will be going directly in my suitcase.  Here I’ve attempted a more “appropriate” look by lacing it closely at the top, but it’s fetching indeed when the lacing is more relaxed and open.  Please also note my favourite, the swishy skirt, and I can just see myself strolling about in the warm weather with nary a care and possibly a great tote bag/hat/sandal combo going on. 

Pro tip from me: in hot weather, long breezy skirts are where it’s at – forget denim shorts or such nonsense.  I used to have this pleated knee length skirt from Max (it was my fanciest day skirt for quite a long time) and I remember wearing it one hot day and realising it was the answer to all my Queenstown in mid-summer prayers.  That was also the summer I discovered Diet Coke and had a brief, but intense, obsession. 

I do sometimes slip up and buy things on impulse and/or of questionable quality, I’m sorry to say, and these boots are evidence writ large.  In the spirit of fashion friendship, reader, I will now confess that these boots are a Number One Shoe Warehouse buy.  I know, I truly do, that in a perfect world, buying poorer quality things at low prices is something you only do out of need when other options aren’t available to you, and I certainly did not need a pair of cognac coloured ankle boots. I’m very lucky to have the means to buy more ethical options, and of course I’m all about buying second hand things – I often bemoan the amount of chain store shite that ends up in my precious SaveMart.  Yet here I am, wearing boots that mystically only cost me $60 (full price) and smelled like chemicals for days.   

I already know how guilty I will feel when these wear out and I end up having to dispose of these in a ridiculously short amount of time, so if we could all cross our fingers and hope these have the same mystical properties as my 17 year old top from Glassons, that’d be great.