Style 'Scopes | January 2018

Style 'Scopes | January 2018

Welcome to the first month of Style 'Scopes, where we take inspiration from our totally reliable horoscopes (I use these ones), to figure out what we want to wear this month.  All the past Style 'Scopes will be available here as the months go by.  Click the pictures to go to their sources.


You’ve been making awesome progress, Librans, and January sees you making decisions and feeling good about being productive.  Great job!  You will be unusually busy, and excited by developments, but watch out that you don’t become tense.  

Sounds to me like you need to channel some Boss Lady vibes.  Wear something structured and coordinated to capture the spirit of the corporate suit without the horrible "middle aged bank manager" effect. 


Spread those pincers and fly, Scorpios – it’s all about travel for you this month as you’re filled with wanderlust.  You’re loving the outcome of your work and should be confident and courageous.  Things don’t get better than this!

There’s no excuse for being a slob in the skies, Scorpiettes.  Bust out some cashmere and look chic while being entirely comfortable.


Erm, did you go a bit crazy in the Boxing Day sales, Sagittarians?  ‘Cause you are focussed on the dollars this month.  Sadly you’re doing the boring stuff – taxes and paperwork – and Uranus is apparently going to force you to spend, spend, spend.

If you have to spend then you may as well look the part.  Head to toe metallics, anyone?


Ooooooooh Capricorn, get excited because Susan describes this as “an extraordinary month”!  Serious commitments will come to fruition, and get ready to feel smug because this is the month where a positive full moon means you get things your own way.

Sounds to me like all the Capricorn ladies will be being wined and dined this month, so you’re going to need a fancy frock (or two).


Poor Aquarians, you started the year feeling a bit meh – you might have been literally sick and tired.  You might have finished something big and want to have some peace and quiet to recover.  Get onto that before the end of the month, which will bring a shake up…

Kick back and relax with the perfect summer day outfit.  That shift dress will hide all the “recuperative” snacks you eat and the sandals are ideal for shuffling onto your feet when you finally get off the sun lounger in search of your next G&T.


It’s a big month of socialising for my fishy friends.  You will have powerful integration with your community, fans and friends (woohoo!) but watch out, as you might end up spending more than you expect.  Dream big, but keep an eye on your wallet (and your health…).

If you’re going to be out and about, make sure you have the right duds to impress.   A summery slip dress and some gorgeous shoes should do the trick.


Get ready to seize the power, Aries.  You are about to score some career honours and achievements, which might see you rising through the ranks or changing jobs…for mo’ money.

You’re going to need something to wear to that successful job interview, and for the meeting where you break your boss’ heart by quitting (you badass, you).


Fellow Taureans, we’re going to eschew our usual home loving tendencies and get traveling.  We’re going to want to do something exciting and adventurous – and should keep our eyes peeled for broadcasting or publishing opportunities. We’re turning up the charm!

If I’m gonna be on the TV, I want to look like a 1960s newsreader.  Join me in this fantasy life, Taurus ladies.


You’re obsessed with managing your money this month, Geminis, but don’t worry because while you’ll be splashing the cash, it’s going to run back in again.  Could be kind of a swings and roundabouts situation.

You might need to eat ramen – you might not.  Either way, why not dress for dinner so that you can pretend you feel fancy?


Okay, you might feel like other people are pulling your strings, but don’t fight being a puppet just yet.  This month is all about relationships, and it might even be highly romantic (ooo-errr).

You’re going to want to wear something that makes you feel like your truest self, Cancer.  Maybe try this look on for size?  Or not.  The point is, you do you where you can (your clothes).


It’s time to take a rest and a bit of a breather.  If you’re not on holiday, listen to your intuition and get some privacy and creativity in the mix for yourself.  You might need to diarise that time because, in the words of the great Rhianna, this month will be “work work work work work”.

Do some yoga, Lionesses, and get in touch with your inner calm.  But make sure you look super while doing it.


This will a SUPER social month, and a hope or a wish may well come true!  Make sure you don’t take on too much, but if an opportunity to do some writing or speaking comes along, grab it with both hands.

Okay, Virgo gals, you either need comfy sweats for writing, or a fancy lewk for the stage.  How about a nice compromise – sporty chic it is!