Statement Summer Coats

Statement Summer Coats

I’m told we can expect a cracker of a summer this year, in fact, I believe we’re already in drought in parts of the country.  That’s all very well, and goodness knows I’ve got a tiny bottle of SPF50 in my bag in self defence, but let’s admit it.  It still gets chilly from time to time, and it definitely gets chilly at night.  So, although I embrace the cotton tshirts, sundresses and sandals that my summer wardrobe is full of, I also need a good bit of outerwear to surf me through those late nights and sea breezes.

I’m a huge fan of the Evermore leather jacket, as we all know from interminable posts where I’m wearing it, and I personally think summer is the season for denim jackets.  However, that’s boring.  We’re not here to be boring.  We’re here to wear coats and jackets that can only be described as “extra” – and here is a smattering of my faves.  Go forth and buy yourself a colourful coat at once! 

Full Rainbow


The rainbow look is coming in hot, judging by Harper’s Bazaar, and I’m sure I’m not alone in embracing an end of beige and black.  A fairly conservative style of cut is a good foil to the insanity of colour and pattern evidenced in this one.  The trick to picking a good rainbow is to find one that is all hot toned or all cool toned.  It needs to be internally consistent, and only then should you pick whichever you think looks best on you (if you feel like it).


Floofy Pastels 


I LOVE this jacket and, in fact, I bought it with a true intention to wear it over the winter.  This was not successful, because my winter wardrobe never seemed to be able to carry a pastel, faux fur jacket.  Well, in your face Mr Winter, because a jacket that looks like the love child of candy floss and a cone of Goody Goody Gumdrops ice cream is going to rise to the top of the sartorial pops once the warmer weather rolls around.

You might think faux fur is too warm for summery weather, but paired with denim shorts and a pair of sandals, this jacket is the perfect option for throwing over knees on a balcony in the failing light of a summer dinner run too long.  Plus, you’ll be totally snuggly, perfect for all those summer nights.


Abstract Print


I bought this because it reminded me of some weird buildings I saw once in Japan.  This is how I buy my clothes – plz emulate this approach immediately.  What actually makes this coat great is that it has perfect sleeves.  They’re bracelet length, allowing your tanned wrists to pop out from under the fabric.  They’re perfect to push to the elbow and, as the name suggests, to allow a collect of beautiful bracelets to steal the limelight.  It’s also a great option for me because I run heavy on red and blue in my wardrobe – those pops in this otherwise weirdo print are very useful.


Super Stripey


I bought this coat at a Wilson Trollope sale, and it’s the sample.  I love it because of the lack of collar and wrap style.  You know what I love?  Tying a belt aggressively, regardless of events, emotional state or environment.  It’s why I always tie my belt to my trench instead of doing up the buckle.  The only thing that’s tough with this style of coat is the need to choose an under layer that has a complementary neckline.  Otherwise, cinch this beauty over a white dress with some espadrilles and swan about like the chic lady you know you are.