I Stole This Look: Tricky Trousers

There are plenty of things that make me a unique proposition as a human, like my preference for drinking soft drinks at room temperature (I know, I’m a monster).  However, if there’s one thing I have in common with women all over the world/living only in privileged conditions in developed countries, it is the annoying way I buy things and then don’t wear them because I can’t figure out how to wear them.  If you are telling me you’ve never done this, you’re either a liar or fully evolved as a human being.  This is how we’ll know that we’re starting to develop another species of humans – their ability to only buy things they will actually wear.  (*Puts on monocle*) I shall call them Homo verat, or Organised Man.

inspiration pic.jpg

Luckily for me, and all other non-H. verats, we have at least managed to get the internet under way.  It’s a curse in many ways, what with it now being deliberately designed to manipulate our baser desires.  I mean, of course we did that with this amazing tool we invented.  I question the decision to call our species Homo sapiens, when Homo perniciosius (Destructive Man) is clearly more accurate. At least it does contain many, many images of women wearing a large variety of outfits.  I’ve developed a fun secret board on Pinterest that I use exclusively for saving images that remind me of things I already wear, so that I can fix my poor decision-making by 100% plagiarising someone else’s look.  It’s straight genius, and you know you can trust that take because I’m still wearing that monocle.


I think I’ve packed these pants for at least two house moves, yet this blog post is the first time I’ve ever worn them.  If you’ve read any previous blog posts here, you know that I am not afraid of colour or print, and I’m always happy to experiment, but these pants never made it further than my bedroom and I did not know why.  I’m going to guess it’s the beige-y background paired with the neon highlights.  I think, though, I just needed a mental nudge to get me from “I like these pants but what are they, how do I do the things with them” to “oh.  That was obvious”.  Thank you, photo of woman wearing floral pants with a blue shirt! You have saved these pants.


That’s the thing though, isn’t it – sometimes it’s so obvious what the solution to your outfit blues is.  I was so busy looking at the beige and the neon, I didn’t follow my own dang advice and look for the least prevalent colour (or in this case, colours).  Bringing out the blue in these pants was so much less matchy-matchy, and the cool tone meant I could bring in the fuchsia shoes and the pink lip pretty easily.  If I wanted to wear these another way, bringing out the orange and soft blush tones in the trou is basically the same thing.  This is excellent news, because these pants have an elastic waistband and a super excellent print, and they deserve to live a full life of going to restaurants and other eating-based events with me.


Since we know that endless consumption is the thing that will end with Earth being a literal flaming ball of garbage (all H.verats will have booked seats on the space shuttles early, leaving us H.sapiens to flail about screaming “I knew I was supposed to book something!”), using the internet to research outfits that will allow us to better utilise our existing clothes is, like, totally environmental, and therefore something that you are allowed to do when you are bored at work. 

I’m going to try to find one look every month this year to steal – either using something that I haven’t worn enough, or something that I’m stuck in a rut with – and I think it would be awesome to have a gang trying this out with me.  To that end!  Post a pic of your Tricky Item on the Mode & Methodology Facebook page, with a brief blurb about why it’s tricky, and I’ll do my level best to find you a look to steal as well.  (The blurb cannot say “it hasn’t fit me in 15 years” – in order for look thievery to work, it has to be something you fit, which basically flatters you, but which you just don’t wear.)


Heads up: I don’t speak Latin, so no jibes about my questionable new human species names, please and thank you.

Inspiration pic can be found here - although honestly, there are so many images on that page that it is impossible to find.  It's on Pinterest here

All of these things are at least a couple of years old.  You can find similar trousers here and here, a similar shirt here, here and here, and similar shoes here.  These sunglasses are the Le Debutante from Le Specs – have a petite peruse of The Iconic here for lots of Le Specs options.