Style Scopes | April 2018

Style Scopes | April 2018

Welcome to Style 'Scopes, where we take inspiration from our totally reliable horoscopes (I use these ones), to figure out what we want to wear this month.  All the past Style 'Scopes will be available here as the months go by.  Click the pictures to go to their sources.

Money seems to be a big theme this month, so we're keeping it pre-loved today. 


Focus on your career as this is the key time to make progress.  No bish will stand in your way. You do need to think about what you are doing, thanks to dodgy ol’ Mercury, so try to be patient.  Your partnerships might be rocky and you’re going to assert yourself.  Make sure to pick your battles or you’re going to really get someone’s back up, and they might be just the tactical partner you need to succeed.  At the end of the month look forward to fun and romance and some spicy travel  *wink wink*.

Since you're going to be focused on charming the heck out of your coworkers, might I suggest a blazer to spice up your work wardrobe?


Apparently we’re at risk of falls so, I dunno, go easy on the gins this month?  This month is all about the new and exciting – travel, babes, education – and Uranus will be bringing the unexpected at the start of the month so Susan says go slow. Make sure you clarify what you’re trying to communicate, especially in the first couple of weeks, but the good news is we’re looking at foreign shores so maybe this is just an exotic language barrier? I can but hope.  We’re going to be “irresistible to admirers”, (o business as usual for us Taureans, amirite?). 

If I'm going to exotic lands, I want an outfit that says "yes, I would like another cocktail" even if I can't speak the local language. 


You are going to be an organisational whirlwind through the front half of the month, refining and tidying up work.  You want to get out on the social scene but you might need to do the old lemonade budget, as you’re looking a little strapped.  Per my entire existence, if you really want to go to the ball, you’ll find the funds.  It should be short-lived, as you’re “close to a lucrative agreement”.  Score. The second half of the month sees you making friends and potentially finding love…oooh-er. And you should prep by shopping, according to Susan, who thinks you will attract admiring glances.

For a fancy social scene, you need a little black dress.  Perfect for a range of events, just in case you need to bust it out more than once. 


Right, Cancer, get out the baseball bat and snazzy yellow outfit because someone is being a real pain in the butt this month.  You might find your partner is being a little bish about changes you’re making in your lifestyle – and while you should hear them out, don’t let them get to you.  You are a special crablette and you run your own life! Halfway through the month you will get into career mode, and you should follow your instinct to be adventuresome (ooh) – lean into your creative ideas and make sure you feed that creative spirit with some fun socialising.

You need a power outfit, and nothing says "I'm a powerful lady and I don't take shit" like leather. 


GTFO Leo, you’re ready to leave town.  Probably on business, which may seem like a bummer, but nothing tastes as good as a meal you’ve charged back to the company, let’s be honest. 

Try not to sign stuff in the start of the month because you’ll probably overlook things.  Probably because you are going to be full on busy at work, and it’s going to be hard to find suitable recruits.  Get ready for some long hours, Leo – time to stock the desk drawer with candy.  You might have a tricky customer who challenges your patience and project planning, but challenges can be great.  Right at the very end of the month, just as you’re probably ready to tell someone else to GTFO due to burn out, you’ll get some relief and find ways to unwind and find balance.

When you're feeling harassed and busy, what you need is a reliably excellent dress that you can chuck on - again, these are socially acceptable onesies.  Lean into it. 


You’re a good girl, Virgo, and you’re going to prove it by getting your finances in order – pay those bills before you blow it all on a good time!  Make sure to be conservative in your spending because you might have more bills than expected, or less income than expected – either way, expect a bit of a rocky ship.  However, Susan reckons this is the end of a run of annoying financial news, and that you are “well on your way to a new life”.  Sounds fab!

You’re going to have a rare month for love, so get ready to surprise your partner or to fall head over heels.  It’s the old-fashioned, movie glamour, passionate romance kicking into gear here, so my advice is to really, really glam it up.  Now is the time for some sexy nightwear, Virgo.   Try to take some time off at the end of the month to lavish attention on the one you love (and that person, need I remind you, can be you).


You might have come into the month playing peace maker Libra, and the bad news is you need to take it slow and manage this for a minute. The good news is that by the end of the month your partner will stop being an unpredictable poop, and you’ll be on the way to a new chapter.  You’re really focussed on home and property, and that’s an area where a slow decision can be a good decision – nobody wants to refit a bathroom after a mistake in choosing tiles. 

Right at the end of the month you’re going to see some money slosh in and out of your account – probably again on real estate (I mean, I know the market is hot, but come on…).  May is shaping up to be a fun month of love, so sit tight in a month of boring contracts and decisions about money, safe in the knowledge you’ll be canoodling soon.

If you're going to be focussed on home, you may as well do it in comfort.  A cosy knit like this will make balancing budgets at the kitchen table slightly more bearable. 


You should start this month in your pyjamas Scorpio, living my best life – napping.  It’s been a busy time and a rest is overdue.  You should also take your time making decisions – just be super chill.  You can sign things later in the month when you have more pep in your step.   Save your energy for spending time with your siblings, and a work project that comes up later in the month.  You’ll be living the dream of work autonomy and doing something entirely new.   By the end of the month some important will come to fruition. You should have a fairly cruisy April, with some love in the mix, and Susan tell you to enjoy the month.

Literally, pyjamas.  Do it. 


Who is chafing against their life?  Sounds like it’s you Sagittarius, but you aren’t a boundless source of resources so you might find that a lack of moolah keeps your dreams in check.  However, by the middle of the month several planets “work together to jazz your love life” (wooh!).  Make sure you travel about to get some fresh energy, which you might need as you have to keep focussing on back tracking at work to fix stuff.  That’s okay – it’s only temporary.  Power through. In the second half of the month you will be firing on all cylinders creatively, and that will pay dividends.  Soon you’ll be seeing the pay off in an increase in your wealth.

Sounds like you'll be doing a date night on the cheap, and you'll need it to be a good 'un, so how about some slinky gorgeousness like this?


I know you’re an ambitious star sign, but you need to be measured in that ambition as you come into the month – with great power comes great responsibility, and you want to make sure you can shoulder that.  Consult with your family, and make sure your motivations are right.  Money isn’t everything.  It will be easier if the job is with someone you’ve worked with before, but otherwise try to delay a big shift.  There’s a lot of uncertainty for you this month, Capricorn, and lots of decisions to make, but you can make your way through it and later in the year you will have an easier time.  You’ll get a welcome break from being a big girl making decisions this month when you reach the end of the month and have a happy event.

You need something that says Responsible, Capricorn, and this seems just right. 


Changes are afoot, says Susan, and you should boost to a faraway location so you can think about it.  Try to find some peacefulness, but you need to make sure you are keeping your eyes open and paying attention to your intuition.  You’re likely to be looking for new jobs or being head hunted since you’re in a golden period for your career, so do some sleuthing and make sure your references are saying all the right things.  Speaking of which – take care in your communication this month, so that even snap judgments about you will be well-informed. May and June are shaping up to be all about romance, so you’ll get a hint of this at the end of the month.

Sleuthing means trench coats, at least in my world, so perhaps treat yourself to this and go for a Carmen Sandiego vibe. 


You’re going to be uncharacteristically sombre and focussed on finances this month, and most likely looking for money to pay bills owing.  Make sure you double check your maths, and I’m sorry to say things are looking volatile and uncertain in the financial world for Pisceans.  On the upside you are excellent at managing money now, so you should be able to weather any financial shocks.  Toward the end of the month you will experience an international connection – either travel, or someone foreign will enter your universe.  Try to stay focussed on creative projects and you might be able to create a profitable idea.

You just need a treat that will keep you out of a boring rut.  I recommend sequins!