Style Scopes | May 2018

Style Scopes | May 2018

Welcome to Style 'Scopes, where we take inspiration from our totally reliable horoscopes (I use these ones), to figure out what we want to wear this month.  All the past Style 'Scopes will be available here as the months go by.  


You are focussed on money as you come into the month, so make sure you hit that hustle while you’re experiencing a high likelihood of impressing others and getting wins.  You’ll be in meetings and pitching projects and promotions, but in the middle of the month all the star signs will be disrupted by Uranus – and your focus will switch to friendship and family.  Social networking will be ace for you, but be careful (as always) on social media where you can be misinterpreted.

You’re going to need the ideal “office to party” outfit.  May I recommend this inspiration?




Get amped Taurus buds, because this month is “major” – Susan says Uranus will is about to influence our sign for the first time since 1934.  Since this is the planet of “change, individuality, creativity, rebellion, disruption and innovation”, I’m feeling HELLA excited to see what it manages to shake up for us over the next seven years.  We’re about to become (even more) courageous, assertive and proactive.  Those bishes who have been holding us back are about to get a reality check.  In the middle of the month we’ll be ready to cut our losses and leave debilitating situations, and by the end of the month we’ll be getting smart on the money front. 

We need power outfits this month and you know what that means – I’m wearing a blazer.




Gemini babes, you should be surfing into May on the back of a job well done, so tuck that away and enjoy the rewards it brings you later in the year.  You might want to spend the rest of the month working more independently – probably writing something with lasting value.  It sounds like you have the potential to create a masterpiece, as you tap into your intuition and subconscious mind. Now is the time to let this happen, so you can be ready to flit about in coming months to different destinations and try new things.

Secluded and writing something meaningful? Sounds like snuggly jumpers all round, thanks.





Hey Crabettes – it’s time to ready yourself for romance and fun.  This is a taste of things to come as you launch into seven years of a lively and vibrant social life and friendships. You are going to be in demand!  The good news is these people are “creative, interesting and successful” so this is pure socialising, with no demands on you.  The good news is that the planetary changes also mean that your career is about to become calmer and more stable.  You’ve battled through challenges for a few years, and now you should be able to enjoy some influence and stability.

Romance! Parties! It all screams sequins and velvet to me! This Gucci blazer should be just the ticket (totes a bargain at USD8,500)




Susan has written the following: “Dear Leo! What a month!”.  You are going to be busy in May, but doing things that you want to do and that tap into your creative energy (hooray!).  Any significant others should probably get ready for a month of you springing off the couch to act on your latest great idea.  You will be full of vim! And you’ll need that vim if you run for a promotion or new position this month, because someone else wants that job and you need to be ready to compete in an environment of surprise (and envy). You can do it!  This is the month to make dreams come true.

Lady, let’s channel some Dynasty and get ready to win in this suit.  I believe in you!




You guys are coming into the month on a high, and you should use this time to plan a happy holiday away with someone special later this month.  Double down on the luxury and romance.  You’re getting a full blast of good fortune this month, and as you feel more intellectually inclined during the month, it’s a good opportunity to focus on career wins and travel.  There’s a lot going on, and Susan says to make sure you don’t over-commit or over do it. Things will eventually pan out to a calmer, and more secure place later in the month, and you’ll get to enjoy that state of play for a while.

Romantic, luxury holiday.  Please buy some very fancy holiday looks like this and hit a strong lounge by the pool vibe.




Sorry Librarians (haha, see what I did there) – you have to be a grown up lady this month and deal with either finances, your home, or the well-being of your family. Whatever it is, Susan says “Lots of activity will be going on at home base”, so maybe get in the headspace of lifestyle change now.  Luckily, Susan says money is going to be a big theme for you this month, with lots flowing in, possibly from a great business idea (but plenty is flowing out, too).  Your partnerships might be tricky, so you will need to remember to be measured and to really decide whether your relationships are serving you. Luckily, this will be balanced by lots of social fun.

I think you want to keep things low-key and easy where you can this month, Libra, so rock something that leans on the classics.




Unclench Scorpios, and let someone else help you out this month – it’s a time for partnerships and alliances.  You may need to repress your urge to just go it alone, especially if arguments or disagreements arise (and they will).  Just up that communication and you’ll be able to navigate through.  In the second part of the month you will be able to find new ways to grow closer.  Things are kinda going to go back and forth for you this month, so just try to be chill with things and not get frustrated, so that when they do start to go your way you’re ready to enjoy it.

The shift from your strong independent spirit to the spirit of collaboration requires a slogan tee that will make the passive aggressive statement that you’re not allowed to.




You have been working really hard Sagittarius, and perhaps burning the candle at both ends.  Take the time at the start of the month to check in with yourself and reflect on how things are going – this is a good time to chill out alone.  If you’ve been throwing money into a pit, the good news is that spending is nearly over.  You’re going to feel very creative towards the end of the month as you feel “the pixie dust that Neptune, planet of imagination, will throw off on you as it spins in deep space”.  Sounds glittery aka awesome. But don’t let the glitter distract you, as you want to avoid hasty decisions and focus on your strengthening romantic relationships.

Rest and reflection means comfy pants and comfy tops and…well, pyjamas.  Let’s go luxe in case you do have to answer the door/need to look babe-status in that romantic relationship.





Life is going full tilt for you Capricorns, but you can handle it and you’ll get to decide the direction things are going in.  Leverage how agreeable other people are towards you at the moment, to help you deal with all the responsibilities you have been dealing with.  Team work makes the dream work! (sorry). Horrible Instagram clichés aside, May is going to bring “lots of reasons to enjoy life”, with happy feelings, new friends, and opportunities to pamper yourself.  From now until November Uranus will be in your house of true love (and will stay there for the next seven years). This move by Uranus means it has also stopped unsettling your life, so you should finally get a break from the upheaval you have experienced in recent years.

Stability, a break, romance and pampering – this is awesome news and requires you to have a strong date night outfit available to you at all times.




You will need to be flexible this month as you enter a time of change.  Change can be great! It certainly won’t stop you from making plans and being strategic. However, Mercury is in retrograde in June and as every 22 year old with an Instagram account will tell you, that is no time to act.  Now is the hour to turn those plans into action, before the troubling energy hits ya.  You are going to seem to have a “magic potion for success”.  This will turn into a great combination of glory and being paid exceedingly well for it.  Reward yourself at the end of the month with a fun trip away to socialise (sounds like you will have earned it!)

From plans to planes this month, huh?  Make sure you are comfy on that plane so you can rest from all your hard work and be ready to run once you arrive at your destination.




Have your finances been a pain in the butt in recent years, my fishy friends?  Good news – you’re going to get a break from that nightmare this year. As well as experiencing greater stability in your finances, you’re going to have incredible opportunities to communicate, and to share your expertise.  Use that platform to get your ideas out there, and to start working on some of the most important work you’ll do in your lifetime.  Susan describes this work as “groundbreaking”, and it will require you to travel. This is your month to turn heads and it will end with a crescendo of victory and success.  Drink it in! Susan says “you deserve every bit of what is to come”.  

When you are up on that podium, you need to look as good as your ideas! I’m feeling belted blazers as an option so why not give that a whirl.