Ultimate Party Dress

Christmas is here again, which frankly horrifies me because it feels like just yesterday I was making eggnog and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas.  I’ve bought about 15% of the presents I need to, so definitely on top of my game here.  All I have to do is avoid a repeat of last year’s disastrous approach, where I bought presents on Christmas Eve.  Do not recommend.


However, what I do recommend, per last year’s post on the power of sequins, is finding a Christmas look that is all about comfort.  Bandage dresses are all very well for “the club” when you’re 19 and filled with the confidence that comes with a metabolism that is faster than you deserve.  Nowadays I’m here for something suitably fun without the unyielding fit.  Behold this 1970s number from the (now long gone) NZ label Hullabaloo.


First up, that label name is just asking you to party, no?  Also, I love anything vintage from the 70s on the basis that someone probably had a really excellent time in this dress.  May her spirit imbue me with the social energy I need to make it through the decidedly less decadent parties of 2017.  It’s in freakishly good condition, which is either a shout out to polyester as an enduring fabric, or due to being much loved (in which case, no idea how I ended up buying it for $7.99 in Whanganui).


There are several reasons why this dress is the ultimate for a Christmas party.  You may have noticed I am not the shy and retiring type, at least when it comes to clothes, so I’m looking for party dresses in bright colours for sure.  This particular print has a modern vibe thanks to the heavy use of red (a colour trend I’m happy to get behind!) and the floral print reminds me of reasonably recent runs by NZ designers.  I also want something that I can dance in, if I want to, and this swirling maxi dress is perfect for getting your groove on – so much fabric to twirl in!


In addition, I’m not coming to your Christmas party to pull.  I am not naturally dripping in animal magnetism/sex appeal, as witnessed by my seaweed pants and the various dresses I own that can only be described as “baggy”.  I want to wear something pretty without having to tit-tape myself into anything, so some kind of strap is a must have.  I’m too old to be gingerly removing double sided tape from my décolletage at 2am.  I want to use that valuable time for drinking water, taking a vitamin, and making sure I double cleanse.  I gotta go to work tomorrow and look less “zombie” and more “Business Lady”. 


Finally, you’re probably going to be in pictures.  It is the social media age, and no more can you blithely roll out to your work Christmas party safe in the knowledge that everything that happens will make it to the water cooler, but no further.  It’s time to be the most vain you have ever been.  You wear a colour that suits you, you wear a neckline that frames you (I got that short hair, I want a lot of neck on show), and you wear a dress that can house the rounded tummy you have from eating a full meal with your workmates.  I could be fully pregnant in this dress and no bish would be able to tell, and most importantly, there’s no chance of indigestion.  Bring on the boogying!