Who Wants to Buy Me a Tambourine?

Who Wants to Buy Me a Tambourine?

I realise that this outfit suggests I’ve forgotten entirely what season it is.  I do consume a lot of media from the Northern Hemisphere and my Pinterest feed is definitely creating a deep longing for sunshine and warm temperatures over here, but that’s not what got me to this outfit.  I just like to pretend sometimes that autumn is really just spring in reverse – a frame of mind that means I’m more open to alternative outfit combinations.

It reminds me of this meme I once saw where the basic premise was – 15 degrees in early autumn has you busting out the knitwear, while 15 degrees in early spring has you busting out the sandals.  Now, I don’t like to get my piercing observations of the human condition from memes, but this one had a good point.  It’s the same temperature, but the longing for a change and the relative warmth/coolness means you think you’re ready to change it up, wardrobe wise.   Imagine if you weren’t constrained by this utter bollocks.

I’m definitely guilty of the pre-emptive seasonal move.  I am the person who buys winter clothes all year round, after all, and I think I brought out the knitwear and winter boots in late March this year.  After the deeply average summer we’d just had, I was ready to put away the constant reminder of my sartorial disappointment and get on with layering the good stuff.  However, I’m always trying to get more breadth out of my wardrobe, and find new ways to wear things – mostly just because it’s fun.  Overcoming the psychological nonsense that is seasonal dressing is obviously one way to do this.

The wind was blowing pretty majorly by the time I headed out to take these pictures and I would have definitely frozen to death had I just been rocking about in a light cotton shirt and some poplin trousers.  However, this wool coat from Wilson Trollope’s workroom sale earlier this year was perfecto for keeping me toasty.

 I have become really weird about coats this year.  After years of owning an entirely respectable and normal 2 winter coats, this year I had to put myself on a self-imposed ban from buying coats and jackets because I seem to be obsessed with them.  However, I’m stoked this one snuck in when it did because (a) it was a ridiculous bargain and I almost feel guilty at the incredible price I paid (b) I get heaps of compliments on it and I’m not too cool to enjoy compliments and (c) the bright blue makes it surprisingly versatile for wearing with other bright, primary colours. 

In this case I briefly hesitated as “blue and green should never be seen” wafted through my brain, but then I realised that I do what I want.  Also, the flowers on the blouse feature both blue and green on them.  Holy tamoly, Google tells me that people are really concerned about that blue and green rule – the secret, in my view, is to do what you would do with any and all colours, and just pick a blue and green that you think suit each other. And then remember, as I’ve said before, that people forget you almost immediately and definitely don’t give a second thought to whether you’re wearing blue and green.  Join me in the "I do what I want" school of colour matching. 


Let’s also address the obvious issue that is this shirt looking like part of a folk dancing costume.  Obviously, I am 100% on board with that as a look.  I will definitely be wearing this shirt in summer time with a red cotton skirt, imaginary tambourine in hand.  The sleeves and the embroidered detail make this a super trend driven item – and that’s okay, a bit of trendiness never hurts.  Plus, when you are small of bust like myself, these styles with the panels running down the front can be pretty flattering.  

I also feel quite strongly that since I constantly have to battle the design of tops with straps, where the straps are always too long because the designer expects that there will be more bust to fill out the top, that I should get full mileage out of wearing button front shirts.  No gaping is my reward for never being able to feel entirely secure while wearing strapless tops.

My Mum bought me these green Zara pants from the Red Cross shop in Cambridge, and the colour is A+.  I had to bust out a belt because this style of pant is always slightly too big in the waist band on me - plus, you know these stretched a little as the day wore on.  In a dream world I wouldn't need a belt with this look - I think it would look cleaner - but at least there is a belt loop in the middle of the back of these pants.  Pet peeve is trousers without that loop - they just sink in the middle of my back and require constant adjusting every time I sit down or stand up. WHICH IS ALL THE TIME, I WORK IN AN OFFICE.  Ugh. Rant over.  But could all manufacturers of pants please take note of this small NZ based fashion blog and sort it out?  Thx. 

The only thing in this outfit that is still available is the shirt.  Unfortunately I can't find it online because Topshop has a surprisingly terrible website, but it should still be in stores in New Zealand.  My lipstick is from Antipodes, and is the colour South Pacific Coral.  I absolutely love these lipsticks - I don't care if products are natural if they don't perform, and this lippy does a great job.