Mode & Methodology
Mode & Methodology

Buy Diary April - June 2018

This quarter we're trialing a wish list approach - newest items go on the bottom.

  1. Black work trousers
  2. Black patent leather heels - BOUGHT 6 April.  I actually bought a pair of black satin shoes from Recycle Boutique but they achieve the same end. 
  3. Pink velvet flares
  4. The Gilded skirt from Wilson Trollope
  5. A narrow patent leather belt
  6. Leather trousers - BOUGHT 7 April.  Found an ace vintage pair for $13!  
  7. These Reliquia earrings
  8. A cape with a hood per Veronica in Riverdale (don't judge me) 
  9. Bordeaux Leather Gloves from Kept
  10. Replacement for my silver shoes which I've unfortunately trashed - BOUGHT 9 April.  The pair I've had on my watch list went on final sale from $399 to $119.  Jumped at my size.