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Mode & Methodology

What's this blog about then?

Great question.  Me wearing things and telling you why, in an engaging way?  The philosophy is that style is a conscious thing - that you should wear what feels right to you, and understand your choices (like, why did you love that pink dress and hate that grey one?).  So I talk a bit about the why of what I'm wearing, and hopefully the pictures will inspire you to think about, and wear, clothes in a spirit of fun and self expression. 

Why do you care about this? Isn't it pretty much the most superficial thing a human could do?

Hmmmm, maybe.  Luckily I otherwise have hidden depths?  But seriously - who cares?  


I want to swish about and feel like a bad ass.  I want to wear fun things, and feel spirited and happy.  It might be a failure of personality or psychology, but dressing up in the right outfit can change my mood and jazz up a grey day.  If you're putting on some kind of sack uniform, and feeling blah, let me tell you about the joy of finding something that makes you feel like you could kick the universe right in the butt.  You don't have to be wealthy or beautiful or even slightly clever to feel good about clothes - it's not a secret world, like Vogue might make you believe.  It's whatever you like - so you might look at my photos and think I look like a legitimate fool, but I couldn't care less.  You wear whatever lights your fire - so long as it is lighting your fire, and not putting it out, I salute you. 

Do you really wear all of these outfits?

Yes, I sure do.  Everything I photograph and write about is something I wore, in public, and usually to work.  My boss is very understanding/realises that I always look awesome, if occasionally somewhat flamboyant. 

Sweet jiminy, you seem to own a lot of clothes.  HOW?

This is true facts.  Two reasons - I look after things I buy, and I buy the majority of my clothes second hand.  You'd be amazed at the range of weird and excellent things you can buy for very little!  Have a look at this post for my hints.

But what about minimalism?  Aren't we all supposed to have a capsule wardrobe now?

Oh jaysus, no.  I don't endorse going out and buying a bunch of cheap garbage, but it's okay to have a healthy appetite for fashion and want to play dress ups.  I just stick to (in order) (a) recycled clothes (b) new, excellent NZ fashion and (c) occasional cheap fixes when I can find good quality fabrics in clean, modern cuts.  Then, and this is key, start combining those things in new ways, in the privacy of your home, so you can get a good run out of them. 

Equally, if you want to buy grey, white and black everything and do just 15 items in your closet, I support your dreams!  Live and let live, hey?

Who takes the photos for you?

Unless otherwise specified, I take the photos myself, using a tripod and a remote control!  Here's a fun game - try and spot the remote in every picture. 

So, is this like your full time gig?  Why don't you write more posts?

Girl, no.  I have a real job, and sometimes it gets super busy so I can't go and faff about outside with a tripod.  Those are very sadface days.